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Hope in Action

Lycée des Jeunes Filles du Cap-Haïtien

We were moved when we learned about young female students at the Lycée des Jeunes Filles du Cap-Haitien who lacked school uniforms and supplies. This diminished their confidence, distracted them from learning, and deterred them from attending school. 


So, as the four founding members of Hopeful Hearts 4 Haiti, we banded together this past August to provide funds to equip about 100 students with new fabric to make school uniforms and much-needed school resources. 


The uniform fabric and supplies brought visible upliftment to the young scholars. Their readiness and focus were renewed with restored pride. By funding necessities, we helped empower these girls to excel academically as future female leaders shaping their communities.


And something else took place! This first initiative watered a seed — we developed a vision to keep nurturing young dreams across more Haitian communities through expanded support.


While seemingly small in scale, this first sponsorship touched nearly 100 lives. Our goal is to continue supporting Haitian youth who inspire us daily with their resilience and hunger for knowledge no hardship can extinguish. We are just getting started! Will you join us?

This is only the beginning.

Will you stand with us and help write the full story of change?

Hopeful Hearts 4 Haiti is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under IRS guidelines. This means your contribution is eligible for tax deduction pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code section covering deductibility for donations to 501(c)(3) designated groups.

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